To Trick or Treat, or Not this year….?
23 October 2020

To Trick or Treat, or Not this year….?

As we can all agree, this year has been anything but normal. And as has been with many things this year, our usual Halloween traditions will need to be thought through, bearing the current situation in mind.

Families will need to possibly take another look at the way they’d like to address the tradition of ‘trick or treat’ this year. This will include how our children might normally be knock on doors and pile up container loads of treats or the likes, on Halloween. 

It would also be a good idea for households that normally open their doors to give treats to children, have some sort of notification on their doors, to ward off trick or treaters this year – in a good way, it must be said!

Yes, we know this does put a damper on things for our kids this year. Especially as they would have been so looking forward to the great ‘sugar rush’. But that should not mean that Halloween gets struck off the calendar until whenever next.

It just means we have to get creative with our activities. We’d need to think of ways to still celebrate Halloween - in a much safer way.

As a result, we have rounded up some suggestions from our parents on alternatives to the norm:

Understandably, due to the current situation, it’s not advisable to be knocking on that many doors, and taking treats from bowls that other treat-hungry hands have already touched. This is not just for the benefit of you and your family, but also the members of the households you would have normally have called upon.

Jen from Dartford, has suggested that families replace the traditional ‘trick or treat’ with a ‘search and treat’ activity. You might be saying, ok……how does this work? Well, she says you go out as a family (all scarily dressed up) and look out for houses with Halloween decorations and other Halloween-themed bits. Each time you see a house that fits the bill, you give your own child a treat from the stash you’ve taken along. That way your child doesn’t miss out on all the fun and treats associated with Halloween, and remains safe whilst doing so.

We think that’s a genius idea! You might decide to shelve the door-to-door visits this year and make it an entirely internal affair, as Sharon from Brent suggested.

Create a Halloween-themed family scavenger hunt in your home or garden. This, she says would be similar to the Easter Egg Hunt at home, where you hide treats (in this case) around the home and everyone goes off on the hunt for treats.

Beth in Northwood says you can’t beat a ‘Ghoulish Film Night’ with the family – with everyone huddled up together, ready to scream and clutch one another.

Well, we say, go for it! Just think about the sleeping arrangements later, as you might have some trouble getting the kids to bed afterwards…lol

Mary from Enfield says not to forget the bakes! Yes…. the ‘ghoulish grub’ – how could we forget!

There you have it. Hope we have been able to steer your sense of imagination in the right direction.

Please note, if you do find yourselves out and about, or planning activities at home, please bear the current COVID guidelines in mind.

Happy Halloween and celebrate safely!

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