Award-winning Saturday school and Summer School teaching children to read, write, and learn maths, including specialist courses in English for children. We have helped more than 7,000 children since we opened our doors in 1999. We have a 90% success rate in helping pupils gain entrance into leading selective schools. Our ethos is one of high expectations for and of our pupils —- for and of our staff — for and of ourself, as an organisation. 

We aim to develop in children curiosity and courage to find/discover information for themselves, instead of 'spoon-feeding'. This promotes independent learners who can go on to be leaders. Our tuition centres in North London, South London and Kent use only research-based fun but effective teaching techniques. Teaching is REAL and LIVE. 

Although the backbone of the organisation is the programmes we run at our Saturday schools and summer schools; Leaders are Readers also provide one-to-one tuition, recognising the value and place of both within supplementary education. We believe that the way we deliver our bespoke services is what singles us out:

  • We use only experienced tutors whom we fully train and that have had enhanced security and background checks
  • Our materials are specially written by experts in their field and regularly updated
  • Parents and pupils are given regular, constructive feedback.
  • We support our parents to enable them to help their child with homework, as appropriate.
  • Our small class sizes ensure children receive individual attention, meaning all pupils are engaged in learning.
  • Staff know their pupils individually, including their strengths and weaknesses so that support can be more specific to their needs.
  • Pupils are part of a learning community that offers opportunities to express their ideas and experience making a contribution to others, whilst also learning from tutors and peers alike.
  • Lessons are interactive.
  • Pupils are given regular pre- and post-programme assessments, providing ample practice and application of new learning.
  • All pupils get structured and regular homework which is marked with feedback to address individual needs and direct individual progress.
  • Children develop rigorous academic foundations in the subjects they study with us.
  • Our Saturday schools start lessons at 9 am and finish by 1.30 pm. Our summer schools start at 9 am and finish by 1:00 (11+ group finish by 3:15 pm). Each subject is two hours long with comfort breaks.

The skills your child can acquire at Leaders are Readers are relevant to the dynamic and ever-changing world they are growing up in. We hope you and your child will enjoy our programmes. 



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