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You can book your child on any of our programmes that you think may be of interest or benefit to them. Your child will also get a free assessment to identify what level of work is suitable for them. They can then participate with the other students in the first lesson following the assessment. You may treat your child's first lesson as a trial lesson with no obligation to pay - if you are not satisfied.

Booking an assessment leading to the trial lesson is essential and can be done using the form below or by calling us on 01992 651 300.

Online Saturday Schools: trial lesson begins any Saturday term-time at 9.00 am or 10.55 am.

Online Summer Schools: you can try out one Saturday school lesson before Summer School begins in August.  The trial lesson begins any Saturday term-time at 9.00 am or 10.55 am.

Trial Lessons When Our Physical Schools Re-open

 Your child can attend our FREE  trial class on any of our Open Days. You will be required to leave your child to get on with his/her lesson and return to collect her/him, at the end of the lesson. A programme presentation is offered to parents, whilst your child has their trial lesson. During the lesson, a free assessment will be carried out for children aged 5 or over whose parents are keen to enrol with Leaders are Readers. Please ensure that you pack a healthy snack for your child as there is normally a mini-break in between sessions as well as a longer break after the first session. Also, note that we run a NO NUTS policy at all our centres, so parents are advised to bear this in mind when packing snacks for their children.

The free assessment will ascertain your child's current level of achievement and National Curriculum level, if applicable. You will be given the results of the assessment when you return, and the Centre Manager will advise you of which is the best class for your child to join. Please note that assessments are free only to those keen to enrol.

At your programme presentation, you will be given samples of study materials and an opportunity to ask questions.  We are committed to you walking away with all the advice and information you need to make a clear decision for your child. 

To arrange the trial lesson, please call us on 01992 651 300, or use the online booking form

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