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LaR are good at communicating areas of improvement and strengths for children. Because of this, we are able to follow on / up at home, which has resulted in a marked improvement in our child. He is doing very well to the point that his school has noticed that his story-telling has improved and he has received a roll of honour for his stories at school!”

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Our Online Classes

  • Live, and face-to-face lessons with our highly trained and vetted tutors – all in real time.
  • Our virtual classroom has all the cutting-edge features needed to produce a top-quality online learning experience for your child.
  • Small learning groups so your child gets the full benefit of the classes.
  • Full interaction with the tutor and other classmates via the use of tools specific to a virtual learning environment, like the whiteboard and messaging system.
  • Same learning material as is used at our physical centres – All curriculum-based.



Our Physical Centres

  • Choice of a centre that’s closest to you 
  • Our highly experienced and vetted tutors are fully trained by us
  • Our materials are specially written by experts in their field and regularly updated
  • Parents and pupils are given regular and constructive feedback.
  • Ongoing support for our parents and children to help with homework.
  • Small class sizes ensure children receive individual attention, meaning all pupils are engaged in learning.
  • Staff know their pupils individually, including their strengths and weaknesses so that support can be more specific to their needs.

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LaR is doing well in everything. Mollie’s improvements are measurable. She is happy before during and after the sessions. She independently and enthusiastically practices what she has been taught during the sessions. Her confidence has improved greatly. The way she copies and practices her ‘blending’ routine at home and when we are out, is a reflection of those taught in her sessions. I am grateful to the staff and everything they have done to support my daughter and improve her chances in life!

Programme Online Summer School Physical Summer School
Reading Programme £175 per week £525 for 3 weeks £275 per week £825 for 3 weeks
Maths and English Combined £200 per week £600 for 3 weeks £275 per week £825 for 3 weeks
11+ Programme £250 per week £750 for 3 weeks £295 per week £885 for 3 weeks

More fees information for summer school

Programme Online Saturday School Physical Saturday School
Reading Programme £300 per term £375 per term
Maths Programme £300 per term £375 per term
English Programme £300 per term £375 per term
Maths and English Combined £600 per term £712.50 per term
11+ Programme £600 per term £712.50 per term

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