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Thank you so much for all your support and help for my children. They have achieved a lot and made excellent progress after joining Leaders are Readers Northwood. The Summer School helped my son to prepare for his 7+ entrance exams. Here's the good news... He has passed the Habs Test which I must say was extremely competitive and I am really proud of his performance. He also passed St Martins, St Johns, UCS, Belmont and Latymer. He's been offered academic scholarships at some of the schools as well. We have decided to send him to Latymer. All this would not have been possible without the effort of your excellent team at LAR Northwood .

I am pleased to inform you that my son has been offered a place in Haberdashers Aske Boys. We are going to take the place up for him. I want to thank you for the help and support you provided in order for him able to achieve the high scores needed to get into the school.

I enrolled my daughter originally on the reading course as soon as she turned 5 yrs old. Simply put, the improvement to her reading ability was evident within the first 2 weeks. The sudden change in her reading attitude was positively recognised by her classroom teacher at her full time school. Her achievements are a direct result of the dedication and commitment given by the teachers and personnel at Leaders are Readers. This course has instilled a level of confidence in my daughter and a passion for her wanting to read everything in sight!

I wanted to share some wonderful news with you. My daughter has been accepted into North London Collegiate School after sitting the 4 plus assessment.  I really would like to thank you and your staff from Summer school and Sat class as it has all contributed to moulding Mariam. I know my daughter was quite young when she went to Summer School and I was quite sceptical about how far she would progress but she has proved me wrong in lots of ways. Pls, do put my other two's names down for Summer School this year.
Good news!  My daughter has passed both the Bucks and Slough 11 plus exams.
Bucks 141 (pass mark 121)
Slough 121 (pass mark 111)
She also has achieved above the qualifying mark for the Walsall &Wolverhampton Grammar School Consortium, in the West Midlands. We are waiting for Birmingham consortium and Kendrick, Reading results which should be out next week. So I will keep you posted but I think the likelihood is that we will opt for either Beaconsfield High or Wycombe High in the Bucks consortium as it is the nearest to us. I also wanted to thank you for all your help and support in the lead up to this journey and we all still remember you fondly.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all your help and support over the summer.  My daughter broke up for the summer holidays lacking in confidence and demotivated.  We were told at the end of year one she was near the bottom of her year group. Unsure of what to do next, we enrolled her in the  Leaders are Readers Summer School programme in Northwood. She was going to be sitting the 7 plus in 6 months time and was a long way off her target. She did 3 weeks of intense Maths and English. There were days where we felt that this was all too much, as the commute alone was 3 hours a day for us, but we all persevered. A few months into year 2, the school had noticed a considerable difference in her performance.  She had come into her own. She had gained confidence and was now near the top of her year group. I am pleased to say, that she received an offer from all 3 schools she sat the 7 plus at. I found Leaders are Readers an easy scheme to follow as parents are involved right from the beginning and it was really great having access to the tutors in the evening, especially for working parents. It's something I always recommend to friends as I've seen the benefits in my own children. They're always happy to spend time reading on their own while I do my chores and most important of all they love to read.

I would like to say that your team did a fab job with both my children over summer school 2015. My older child is in the pre 7+ class and more notably my younger one who is in the level one reading scheme. Before my younger child commenced with LaR, he could not recognise any letters. After 3 weeks under your care, he not only became confident in his phonics but he was also able to format most of the letters and read simple 3 letter words. This has given Rian the confidence to strive at preschool. Both my kids thoroughly enjoyed Summer School, especially the fun they had on the extended day. I could never get them out at home time. We believe the LaR Summer School helped both our children gain confidence in their work and we have agreed we will be back every Summer for the foreseeable future.
Thank you for your continued support!

Since my daughter started Leaders are Readers her reading age went from age 5 to age 7. Reading has opened up a whole new world for her. She hardly goes anywhere without a book to read! Her spelling is great and her vocabulary is expansive. This is in no small part down to Leaders are Readers. I also enrolled her on the Einstein Maths course and her maths has improved dramatically. Her maths has just gone from strength to strength. The maths course has helped enhance her understanding of key mathematical principles and instilled in her a quiet confidence in her own abilities. We are delighted with Leaders are Readers and would recommend them to anyone.

My son, Timi, has attended the Leaders are Readers programme for three terms, and the effect on him has been quite dramatic. He is now the best reader in his Reception class, and has developed more confidence and self-assurance. His teacher tells me that she has been teaching for 20-odd years, and has never seen a child take to reading so fast! I am grateful to the developer of this programme, and to Timi's teacher, Evie, for making him love books so early in his life.

To add to my previous feedback, Timi's handwriting has improved, and this reading ability (and ease) has impacted on his interest in other subjects at school and at home. I definitely believe that investing in the Leaders are Readers programme is one of the very best gifts that anybody can give to their child, and I intend to enrol my two younger children when the time comes. The old saying goes: 'Give a child a book, and you give him a gift for a day. Teach that child to read and you give him a gift for life.' Thank you, Leaders are Readers, for the lifetime gift you have given to Timi!

The English resources are the right resources and the homework is appropriate as well. This has been very helpful to improve my child’s work. My daughter started at age 4 and she is now 6 years, she is exceeding in her class in English. The lesson has built up her confidence, reading skills and spelling skills.

My daughter struggled with comprehension and creative writing and since joining 2 terms ago, she has learnt a lot and grown in confidence and understanding. Thank you for helping my daughter.

The centre excels in giving feedback and information supporting learning at home. There is significant improvement in my daughter’s phonics and now blending and reading some short words.

I thought I would drop you a note to let you know Caleb's results for the 7plus exams. He successfully got all 3 offers for the schools we applied for, including Dulwich College which we were really pleased with. 


I would like to say a big Thank You to LaR for sparking off that learning enthusiasm in him; he thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced lessons and new concepts. Please help me pass the message to his teacher Annette as well for doing such a fabulous job.

Many Thanks, Candice

Leaders are Readers is doing well in everything. Mollie’s improvements are measurable. She is happy before during and after the sessions. She independently and enthusiastically practices what she has been taught during the sessions. I have nothing but praise for the Programme. Great Job guys....please keep it up!

Highly impressed with the way much thought has gone into grouping children by ability and ensuring they are stretched. Teaching mental strategies in maths and how to write good stories. This has all helped to structure the learning process for my child and subsequently produce the great results we are seeing from her. Fab stuff...well done!

We just got an offer from KCS for Vir. We all r so happy & I wanted to share the happiness with u. I want to thank u & your wonderful teachers at the Streatham Centre for all the help & support. I am very grateful for all the help.
Fondest Regards,

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