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Weekly Online Sessions

Are you enrolled in one of our programmes...? That's great! In order to gain access to your online weekly Saturday sessions, click on the 'Online School' button below.

Language Sense Spelling & Vocabulary 

Every child that is enrolled in any of our Language Sense Programmes, will have 24/7 access to our Language Sense Spelling and Vocabulary Platform. Here they will not only have the chance to build on what they have learned in our Online Classroom Sessions but also continue to practice and reinforce their knowledge in other areas. Contact us for your login details.

Reading programme

Our award-winning Reading Programme is supported with games and reading books to further boost your child's efforts. Click on the links below to gain 24/7 access to the platforms and let's help your child power his/her way to becoming a SUPER READER!

Maths Practice Online

Every child that is enrolled in any of our Maths Programmes will have 24/7 access to an online Maths resource platform, where they can practice and strengthen their knowledge in all the concepts learnt in our sessions. We will provide you with the login details and all you'd have to do is to be sure to click on the correct maths button below. 

Pre 11&11+ Platform

If your child is enrolled on our Pre 11 or 11+ Programmes, our online Pre 11 & 11+ Practice Platform will also be available 24/7. Your child will have access to over 50,000 questions based upon the latest syllabus set by the GL or CEM examining bodies. The questions are selected every week for homework, based on our live teaching. This will create more structure, and provide a lot of practice and revision for your child.

Contact us for your login details which you can then use below, by clicking on the Pre 11 & 11+ Platform' button.                                                                

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