Ermysted’s Grammar School

North Yorkshire


Ermysted’s Grammar School (the ‘School’) is a voluntary-aided, selective grammar school for boys aged 11–18. The school is maintained by North Yorkshire Education Authority (the ‘Local Authority’), which coordinates the school’s admissions. The Governors of the school are responsible for the admissions of pupils to Ermysted’s Grammar School and welcome applications from parents of boys who live in Skipton and further afield. The Local Authority operates a selection scheme for prospective pupils into Year 7 using GL Assessment verbal and non-verbal tests.

Exam: GL

School: Boys' grammar school

Test Month: September

Results Sent to Parents: October

Allocations: 1st March 2020

Student Population: 830

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Ermysted's Grammar School
Gargrave Road
Skipton North Yorkshire
BD23 1PL
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