Parent - Teacher Involvement. The key to your child's success
15 April 2019

Parent - Teacher Involvement. The key to your child's success

“Tell me I forget; teach me I remember and involve me I learn”

-Ben Franklin-


Parents play a very important part of the holistic development of the child. Parents are the first teachers of the child and the teacher is the second. Both of them have a vital role and importance in determining a child’s behaviour.

Parents’ role: Parents are the first role model of every child as they idealize and copy them because they spend their initial growth time with them. As someone once said

“Your child will follow your example more than your advice.”

Parents play a vital role in motivating and encouraging their children to learn. Good parental support will help your child to be healthy physically as well as mentally; positive in every manner and help them to learn properly. When children are at the stage where they are still growing, they observe their parents and keep their teachings and learned habits with them for life, they acquire most of the skills and habits from their parents. It is, therefore, our role as parents, to be the best role model we can be. This does not mean becoming robots and only showing your child the good side of things. We also need to show them (and explain to them) how to act in times where things might not be as favourable.


Effective communication is of great importance between a child and his /her parents. When they come back from school, ask them about their day, what was that new thing they discovered or learned about? Assist them in the areas of their work that they are having difficulty with, know their mistakes, correct them and teach them with love and care.

Be their Best Friend

You need to listen to your child’s problems; they could be experiencing problems in school and they don’t have the courage to tell you. Be their best friend, let your child know you are there for him/her and that they should feel free to share each and everything (no matter how small or trivial) with you - without fear.

This is crucial because if your child does not feel free to come to you, with a problem or even for a chat, you run the risk of your child feeling the need to find that support and confidante elsewhere, which might not be in the best of places.

Teacher-Parent Relationship

In addition to the parent and teachers’ role in a child’s life, there is also the very important role of the teacher and parents’ relationship with one another. This calls for mutual understanding and trust between both of them as this is the real secret to the child’s happiness and his great performance and learning. This pivots on the healthy communication and understanding between the teacher and the parent.

Mutual cooperation and support from between both parties will go a very long way in contributing towards the betterment of your child’s future. A positive and clear change will be seen in a child if the teacher and parent both understand his/her needs and work together to ensure they are met. So, a healthy parent-teacher relationship leads to the success of a child- physically, mentally, socially and educationally as well.

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