Why Summer School?
20 December 2016

Why Summer School?

And why the Leaders are Readers Summer School?

  • At the Leaders are Readers Summer School, teaching maths and English for two hours daily allows for intense focus on these subjects.  This can be a big help when learning challenging topics which might have been tough to handle during regular school, with many other subjects competing for lesson and homework time. 
  • 11+, 7+, 5+ entrance exam preparartion is strategically covered from the Leaders are Readers Saturday School programmes. 
  • Reception and Years 1 - 6:  all the foundational topics in a year’s curriculum are selected and taught thoroughly over 3 weeks. 
  • Lessons are held daily and children are in daily, direct contact with their tutor  in a fast-paced academic environment for accelerated learning.  
  • Compared to the traditional classroom size, summer school feature smaller classes, more targeted instruction, and a more personalised learning experience.
  • The experience of success during summer school can provide a long term boost to children’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Research about summer learning loss shows that all children, regardless of resources at home, tend to lose maths skills during the summer:  a primary focus on mathematics instruction in the summer would benefit most.
  • Disadvantaged children are reported to experience the greatest summer learning loss in reading skills.  Therefore, a focus on reading instruction would be most beneficial for disadvantaged students. The Leaders are Readers award-winning, specialist reading programme is available for any child from age 3.5 to 13 years for four hours a day at summer school.
  • Learning to read takes 3 years in a regular school.  At Leaders are Readers, a year’s reading instruction is taught in one term of our award-winning reading programme at Saturday School and in three weeks at Summer School. This accelerates reading progress for any young child beginning to read, or for an older child with reading difficulties. 
  • Leaders are Readers has an inclusive purpose of leveling inequities across income groups by allowing generous discounts for those on Income Support or Job Seeker’s Allowance, with additional discounts for those who enrol early. 
  • Summer school is best at the primary school stage before children fall too far behind.  It makes little sense to begin mandating summer school only after students have consistently under-achieved at their regular school.
  • It has been argued that the UK needs an educational system that is competitive globally and embodies higher academic standards.  The Leaders are Readers Summer School is an additional opportunity for children to access a curriculum that delivers high academic standards.

Call us on 01992 651 300 for further information or to book a trial lesson for our next Open Day, or use the online booking form.   You can secure your child's place straight away by completing the enrolment form online.  If you pay early, you are entitled to early-bird discounts.

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