Mind your Child
06 May 2019

Mind your Child

Leaving your child with someone else, even if it is a parent, a minder or a lifelong friend, is one of the hardest parts of becoming a parent.

For many, however, that is the reality of life, after the birth of a baby for one to return to normal and the tasks necessary to lead a productive life find their way back into your mind. Jobs, business meetings, and more can require the need for a childminder or childcare.

 But leaving your child (baby, toddler or older) needn’t leave you with such a stressful and anxious feeling. Studies have shown that children who are able to attend daycare or stay with a childminder have better social skills as well as a higher vocabulary. While it can be nerve-wracking, know that your bundle of joy is still doing well while you are away! Additionally, you could take extra precaution to protect your baby or child at any age, even when that means they’re in the care of sometimes someone you don’t really know.

 Finding the Best Childcare or Minder for your Child

 It goes without saying; no one will ever love your child like you, but this shouldn’t mean that you have to be glued to your child as a result! Accept the fact and get on with life! This statement doesn’t imply that you can’t find someone that is going to care for your child just as you would and treat them with the love they need. But we all know that the love a parent has for their child is one so very unique and isn’t something that you can feel until the blood is your own.

 Finding an outstanding childminder that will take the best care of your child can be done when you take the time to find that person! This person is out there and it is your job to find them. Start the process of choosing a minder or daycare for your child as early as possible. It sometimes takes a bit of time to find someone that is good enough to care for your child and this isn’t a process that you want to rush to get done.

 It is recommended that you spend enough time – well in advance of when you need the childcare service, comparing the different minders, performing background checks, and getting to know the person/facility on a more in-depth level.

 When selecting a childminder, the following information is important to evaluate before choosing.


 Conduct interviews with different minders; after you decide whether you want care to take place in your home or at another location. Prepare a list of questions that you want to ask potential minders. Create a list for each prospective minder that you interview so you can keep up with the information they provide


 Ask for references and don’t be afraid to check them! Any good minder can provide three to four references. Be sure to reach out to them and ask their opinion of as well as their experience with the minder.


 Searching for a childminder within your community is much easier. Ask friends and family members who they trust to care for their child. Oftentimes you’ll get useful information here that may help you find someone easily. Check with the church that you attend for a minder recommendation and don’t forget to check in with your co-workers as well.

Relevant experience

 Experience is extremely important when hiring a childminder, as you definitely want someone to care for your child who understands that, sometimes caring for a child is a tiring task! You need a minder that has a proven history of being able to show that they can handle even the most difficult of times with patience and the experience they have, will most certainly come into play here.

Gut Feeling

 No matter how much experience the childminder has or how many glowing references they are able to garner, what ultimately matters is the way that your child responds to the minder and your personal thoughts and opinions. Your gut instinct is usually right, so this would be the time to go with it. If your child doesn’t like the minder (especially if he/she is typically friendly with other people) or you don’t feel comfortable, there is probably a reason, meaning that option should best be aborted and the search for the ideal minder should continue.


 Childcare costs will vary from provider to provider. A private minder is usually the most affordable of the options and daycare the most expensive. The costs of the minder are always important to consider when making your minder selection.

 What is a typical day like with the minder? A structured environment is one in which most children thrive. You want them to be in an environment with other kids where they learn and have the chance to play and interact and have fun with people that provide them with positivity, encouragement and lots of smiles. This is where your child will more than likely learn his /her first set of skills.


 Be sure that the minder provides you with a weekly agenda so you know exactly what your child is doing while you are away. Be sure to also ask for a weekly menu so you can rest assured that your child is eating healthy.

 How do you feel about the minder? It is not easy to leave your child and worry and wonder all day. How does the minder handle your worries and help you allay those fears and anxieties? Provision of regular feedback /daily reports is one way that a good minder will help you feel assured of the care they’re providing to your little one. Always make sure your contact details are up to date. Also, provide backup details in case you are unreachable for any reason.

 Is the minder willing to follow any specific rules or expectations that you have for your child? Obviously, a minder that isn’t willing to meet your needs and requests isn’t one that you want to work with.

 How does the minder interact with your child? A positive relationship is crucial for your child to have with the minder.  While some parents say it makes them a bit jealous, seeing that your child feels safe and secure, this is something that should make you proud!


Don’t be afraid to get back in the game (work etc) after you’ve had your child, no matter what age your child might be, if you feel the need for childcare, go for it – just do your due diligence well in advance in order to be prepared when the time comes.

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