How to Motivate Your Child to Perform Better
28 March 2019

How to Motivate Your Child to Perform Better

A child is always very eager to learn about the things around them. They feel happy and contented upon fulfilling little fun-making tasks, but it would be up to you as their parent to make their activities more beneficial for them. We have put together some suggestions to help steer you in the right direction. These tips will hopefully help your child become more motivated to perform better at home and school.

Set Goals to Achieve

When we are at that age where we are still growing, we are more likely to fulfil tasks that are given to us - particularly the ones which are connected with some kind of reward. For example, if a child is told that if he/she performs better in class, they will be rewarded with their favourite gift, the reaction is almost instant; they will learn more enthusiastically and will also be passionate about achieving their goals quickly. This is a great example of how you can motivate and draw your child’s attention to studies, with positive reinforcements.

Make Plans

In order to achieve the set goals, your child will need a proper plan. Teach your child how to follow particular instructions, let them do their homework on time; learn the lessons on a daily basis so they are not overburdened at the end. Set up a progress chart together and have your child keep track and make the entries him/herself. This gives them a great sense of pride and also boosts motivation.

Celebrate their Accomplishments

When your child completes some particular set goals, cherish that moment; mark it with some form of celebration (mustn’t be a full blown party!) – a treat, an outing, something your child has been asking you for etc. Something to show them that, it does pay to keep motivated.

Let your child know that he/she has done very well and you are proud of them and their work.

Build Their Confidence

Always look for opportunities to reassure your child that you believe in him/her and they have the potential to achieve more - to go as far as they want. Words can either break or make a person. Your kind and encouraging words can change the whole life of your child and make them a good person in society. They will learn more happily and confidently. Your words and encouragement will boost their confidence in many ways.

Communicate often in a Friendly Way

Keep in constant touch (communication-wise) with your child. Keep up to speed with what is going on in their life. We might think they are children, so not much could possibly be happening, but that’s not always the case. Remember, your child is a human being just like you, and as such could have certain trying moments in his/her life as well. Try to sort out their issues or teach them how to handle a problem through problem-solving skills. Build their confidence so that they could share their issues without any fear and their problems get proper solutions.

Know your child’s Capabilities

Every child is different and possesses different abilities; do not force your child or subject him/her to undue pressure to take on something you feel might be better for him/her, whereas he/she would prefer to do something else. Know your child’s capabilities and respect the differences.

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