Virtual Christmas Ideas this year
19 December 2020

Virtual Christmas Ideas this year

Yes, the Christmas festivities will not be like any other in the past, due to the current situation. We will have to spend the festive period at home and not with as many people as we may have usually had.  This does not mean we can’t celebrate with our friends and other members of our family; it just means we have to get creative with how we do it.  

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that the likes of Zoom and Skype have become firmly embedded in the fabric of our daily lives – from meetings at work to socials with friends, family, and other forums. Heck, we’ve even attended conferences, fairs, and the likes online. So why would we not consider these same platforms when it comes to such a significant event.

Just like other physical events, a virtual Christmas party would need to look and feel the part, so some props and preparations would be needed to help set the tone and mood for your guests. In addition to the look, If you’re looking for some great ideas on how to make your online get-together fabulous and engaging, here are some suggestions we’ve put together for you.

Virtual Invites

Just because the event is virtual, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any invitations. This sets the tone for the event and gives your invitees something to look forward to. Amidst all the decorations, don’t forget to include the all-important details – the what, where, when, and hows of your online meet-up. Ensure that your colour selection, the different design elements as well as the illustrations tie in with the theme and mood you have in mind. The virtual invite lends that element of reality to the event, making it that much more special.

Festive Party Gear

Even though you aren’t meeting up in person, the effort should still be made to create that party atmosphere.  In addition to the usual house decorations, you could opt for a themed party. Have everyone attend as a character from their favourite Christmas story, movie, etc. This will add more of an atmosphere to the event. There are many options to choose from starting with Santa to his reindeers or his elves! This is something that is sure to go down well with everyone – especially the children.

Virtual Activities

There are quite a number of great virtual party games to enjoy, some of which have been listed below:


There are many formats that this game can take, from acting out, to just asking the questions. For the latter, a quizmaster could be appointed. Such games are a lot of fun and can end up going for hours on end. Put families into teams and voila…. even more of a fun challenge.


This classic game is highly addictive in normal times, let alone at such an occasion. There are many online options or you could decide to create your own. Consider a Christmas themed one and don’t forget the prizes!

Guess the Tune

Have fun having your guests cracking their brains trying to figure out who sang what. Have a list of Christmas tunes all prepared then get the team reps to take it in turns picking a tune to guess. They’d need to hum the tune for the others to guess.

This rib-cracking activity can also be played by simply playing the tune (instrumental if you can) and having others guess the tune in order to win a point. This activity will definitely have everyone belting out Christmas tunes.


What is Christmas without gifts? This secret Santa activity can be done using an online app, which would match a receiver with a giver, then the gifts are ordered and sent off to the recipients ahead of the event. This act of giving gifts never goes out of style, as people always get excited about shopping and receiving gifts.

The look on everyone’s face as they light up with joy, on opening their gifts, is always a wonderful sight and a definite highlight of the event. Be sure to allocate enough time within the programme for this.


Music forms the core of every celebration. It is what brings people together and creates the atmosphere. This ambiance becomes even more crucial when the event is virtual. Needless to say, the list of festive vibes should be collated ahead of time and should speak to the occasion and liking of your attendees.


This could be still a great part of the event and managed as if it were an in-person thing. This will depend on how everyone would like to have it. Everyone could opt for finger food and drinks, in order not to miss out on the fun at the screen.


And that’s it! A list of great ideas for you to implement this Christmas. So go ahead and get planning your virtual event and make it an event to remember.

Merry Christmas!!



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