How mental is your child's maths?
11 May 2021

How mental is your child's maths?

Mental maths is the practice of doing maths calculations in your head. Children who practice mental maths are able to carry out calculations in their heads without the use of any calculating aid.

It is possible for every child to become proficient in mental mathematical calculations. This stems from the fact that there is a specific part of the brain responsible for this.

The task is to ensure this skill is nurtured in time, so your child is able to tackle core maths rules in a timely manner without committing pencil to paper.

The ideal age would be between 5 – 10 years.

Mental arithmetic is quite crucial in our day-to-day activities. It helps us perform basic tasks not just in our daily lives, but also in school, by arming children with the necessary skill set needed to tackle other maths techniques.

Mental maths has a number of benefits for your child; keeping their brains sharp, enhancing their maths skills, boosting the application of their maths techniques, improves memory and problem–solving. Above all, mental maths can boost your child’s confidence.

So how do you gently wean your child off the pencil and paper, or their fingers….?

Before you are tempted to turn the whole process into a case of cramming all conceivable concepts, think about how to make the process fun, creative and most of all……relatable.

Look for strategies that can be explained in a way that will be easy for your child to understand (bridging through 10, adding 1 to make ten then subtracting after getting the answer, etc) Games will also work perfectly and you can get quite creative here. Flashcards always have a place in any strategy.

Find real-life situations to help explain and drive home certain concepts (grouping, sharing, adding, taking away). Objects or various activities would work well here.


Making your child master their mental maths is a process that will take time but will be of great benefit in the long run. Try and keep it fun, engaging, and entertaining. This will encourage your child to participate more willingly.

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