Exciting News!!
14 November 2020

Exciting News!!

In response to a number of requests we have had regarding organising classes during the week, we are excited to announce the introduction of our Afterschool Classes during the week. These classes will cater to our parents with busy schedules at the weekend, which makes it impossible to bring their child (or logon) to our centres.

The best bit is that our Afterschool Classes will be held online. So, no need to leave your home after bringing your child back from school – simply off-load, grab a bite, then log on.

The lessons will follow the same format as all our online lessons, with our passionate, well-trained, and vetted tutors at the helm of affairs – LIVE!

Our classes will be backed up by 24/7 extra practice, which your child can get by logging onto our resource platforms whenever they want.

With classes for our Saturday Programmes Online and Onsite, we aim to spoil you with choices.

Did we mention our Homework Assistance Classes during the week…? This is to help out with concepts that need more explaining.

Of course, it goes without saying, that you can book your child in for a FREE TRIAL and assessment.

To find out more about this and our other programmes, click on the link below.



With so much to offer in addition to our 20 years’ experience, you can expect nothing but the best from us.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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