Learning Online with Leaders are Readers
23 April 2020

Learning Online with Leaders are Readers

In a bid to continue our service amidst the current lockdown situation, we have launched our online tuition and support programmes. These will enable your child to continue to benefit from our unparalleled service, whilst at home.

Via our state of the art online virtual learning platform, we have been able to combine our traditional teaching methods with the latest technology, to bring your child the best fun, engaging and interactive learning experience.

Online Saturday School

 Our weekly Saturday classes will now be online for the time being and will follow the same format as has been at our physical centres.

 What can you expect from our weekly Online classes…?

  • Our online classes are taught live, and face-to-face, with our highly trained and vetted tutors – all delivered in real-time.
  • Our learning classes take place in a virtual classroom with all the cutting-edge features needed to facilitate a top-quality online learning experience for your child.
  • As with our physical classes, the learning groups are small, in order for your child to get the full benefit of the classes.
  • Your child will be able to not just see but also interact with the tutor and other classmates via the use of tools specific to a virtual learning environment, like the whiteboard and messaging system.
  • The learning material is the same, as is used at our physical centres – needless to say, all curriculum-based.

Your child won’t be left to their own (literal) devices. It’s a live online session with a qualified tutor - teaching in real-time.

 What you’ll need:




Head Set

Leaders are Readers Online homework Assistance Service

In order to support our children during the week, we have launched our Online Homework Assistance Service. This will provide that extra support for your child. Our Online Homework Assistance Service will be there to complement our weekly Online Saturday classes and assist in any area of the work covered during these classes, that your child still needs further assistance with.

These classes will take place in the same virtual learning environment as our Online Saturday classes and will be carried out in real-time, by our qualified experienced tutors. This, in conjunction with our weekly Online Saturday classes, will provide that well-rounded learning experience for your child.

Leaders are Readers Online 11+ Learning Portal

 Need more practice with the 11+ questions…? No problem. In addition to our weekly live online classes, your child will have access to our 24/7 online individualised 11+ learning programmes. This will enable your child get as much practice as is needed - any day and at any time of the day.

Our 11+ Platform will keep your child engaged while ensuring they continue to make progress. Your child will have access to over 50,000 questions based upon the latest syllabus set by the GL or CEM examining bodies. The questions are selected every week for homework based on our live teaching, thereby providing your child with structure, practice and revision.

Sign on, sign in, then let the practice begin!

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