Top 5 ways to get the best out classroom sessions
14 January 2019

Top 5 ways to get the best out classroom sessions

As parents, when you drop our child off to school, your hope is for them to have a good day and you do so by wishing them one. Part of that wish is for them to be able to have a good class session in order to make their academic journey much smoother.

But what constitutes a good class session and how can your child get the best out of it? There are a number of factors that will come into play with regards to the classroom sessions, but we have listed the top 5 ways for your child, on his / her part, to be able to get the best out of the sessions irrespective.

Arrive on time

Punctuality is crucial to any process, especially in school. When a child comes in late, it can disrupt the flow of a lesson and distract others in the class. There is also the risk of this practice becoming widespread throughout the class if left unchecked. But more to the point, lack of punctuality can affect learning and not just of the child that’s late but also the other children in class. You might so? The bottom line is, there may be a policy in place that requires the teacher to do a recap on the parts of the lesson missed, for the late child. This will then impact on the amount of learning time left, for everyone in the class. The teacher will do their best to bring that child up to speed, but will in most cases only be a summary as they will need to move on with the lesson. This means the child will miss information that might be important and asking others might be a distraction. This could lead to gaps in the child’s knowledge on that particular topic.

Remain focused (with no distractions)

If a child is going to make any headway in class, he/she will need to be focused. They will need to be able to concentrate on what the teacher is saying in order to get a proper idea of what is being taught. Perhaps, do not sit with a friend, in order to eliminate chatting. Sit in front of the class so you have the front row advantage. Yes, many children do not like sitting in front as they fear they will continually be called out to answer questions but rest assured, the teacher will only do so if they feel the child isn’t focused.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions in class, as this will be a way to consolidate your understanding of the topic being taught. There are many benefits of asking questions in class, some of which are:

  • They show the teacher the child is focused and is really engaging with the topic. This in turn is something the teacher will appreciate and will in turn, try to furnish the child with the best response they can give, to fill in those gaps and possibly help others in the class improve their understanding of the topic too.

Participate in class activities

Class activities can take on many forms and the teacher will organise them in a way that they feel will best enhance the learning of the topic at hand. No matter the sort of activity the teacher puts on, it will be with a view to:

  • Helping the children build the courage to become active participants in classroom activities
  • Supporting children in developing their communication and presentation skills
  • Helping children to develop skills in collaborating and working in teams

There are many more reasons, but just looking at the ones above, you can see how a child would benefit from active participation in a classroom activity.

Show an interest in the session

It is important to show an interest in a lesson/topic, whether you like it or not. The problem with showing lack of interest in a topic is that you shut down and will not be receptive to anything the teacher says, when you had listened, you may find that that topic might not be as dull, or difficult as you first thought. Being interested in a topic is a mental resource that improves learning, which in turn can lead to greater performance and levels of achievement.

With these five top tips, your child will definitely get the best out of the class sessions, which will help your child improve in his/her school work.

Leaders are Readers foster a learning environment that encourages all of the above, so all your child would need to do would be to slip into the habit of cultivating these practices.

Let’s help get your child on the right track to making all of the above part and parcel of his/her learning journey.

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