Strategies to strengthen comprehension in your child
06 September 2021

Strategies to strengthen comprehension in your child

Comprehension adds meaning to what is read. Reading comprehension happens when words on a page are not just words but thoughts and ideas. Comprehension makes for a better experience when reading, it is fun and informative. Comprehension is needed to succeed in school, work, and life in general.

If your child is struggling to comprehend written text, try these strategies below:

Gauge understanding

The first thing to establish is whether your child has understood the text. Spend more time here as this is the most important part of the process. Understanding the text is half the battle, so discuss the text, Spark your child’s curiosity by asking questions. Depending on the level, check individual words, phrases or situations. How have they been used, of what significance could they be to the overall text? Discuss these with your child to find out how much of a connection they have made with the text. 

Play detective to help inference

If a situation or character has been presented in a certain way, have a discussion about what that could mean or how the reader is meant to interpret that e.g. Jeff came home, His sister was setting the table. “I’ll change and wash my hands.” he panted, dashing upstairs. Discuss what could be inferred from this situation. Look for clues

Always refer to the text

Ensure that unless instructed otherwise, all of the answers refer back to the text. When answering a question, ask your child to explain how they came to that conclusion. It would be an idea for them to highlight the area in the text where they either found the answer.

Most of all, let the task not take away from the fun of reading. It should be a natural extension instead. The more natural it is, the better your child will become at it.

At Leaders are Readers, our Language Sense Programme also covers comprehension:

Some of the strategies we use include:

  • research based methods
  • direct, explicit instruction on reading strategies
  • instructions cover finding main idea & details
  • compare and contrast
  • context clues for word meanings
  • making predictions
  • deductive reasoning techniques
  • Seven Plus and Eleven Plus exam practice papers

For more information on our Language Sense Programme and how it can help, contact us using the details below:

01992 651 300

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