Reasons to sign up for our Summer School
27 April 2021

Reasons to sign up for our Summer School

Of the many reasons to sign your child up for summer school over the long break, we can condense them into the main reasons why you should consider this:

> The extra study hours will help reinforce your child's knowledge of a subject. Our innovative and effective learning methods will help your child discover new ways on how to approach learning.

> Your child will acquire practical skills, such as learning how to write an essay or use effective techniques to ensure successful exam results.

> Our summer school provides a focused academic environment with smaller learning group sizes. This allows for a higher level of interaction, which offers you the chance to ask our teachers for detailed information and participate in class discussions.

> Our welcoming, friendly, and highly interactive study environment makes us the ideal setting for making a lot of new friends. Many long-lasting friendships have been formed through interactions with classmates and other children during playtime.  


Simply put - Our summer camp will provide that evenly balanced combination of work and fun, in a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment.

Sign up now, to take advantage of our generous Early Bird Discount. Spaces are filling up fast!

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