Night of Fireworks Fun for the Family
25 October 2019

Night of Fireworks Fun for the Family

As 5th November (Bonfire Night) descends upon us, we are geared up to have the night of our lives – the one night when we can go (literally) ballistic, and create the most dynamic and colourful scenes in the night sky…. truly a beauty to watch. But as we prepare for that wonder, we should also check to make sure we have all the necessary measures in place, to see that the event is safe and secure for the family and all who are present.

There are a number of different safety factors to consider, ranging from where to buy the fireworks, to how to safely set them off and then dispose of them.

Fireworks are readily available in several different categories and which the general public can buy. The categories are 1 to 3.

Before buying fireworks, always be sure to take the size of your garden or wherever you’re planning to use them, into consideration.

The Royal Society for the Safety and Prevention of Accidents has a lot of information regarding this, so have a click on the link below for more information.

On the other hand, if you were thinking of just having a wonderful night out while leaving all the other details to others to take care of, we have also got you sorted.

We know there is nothing quite like the explosion of vibrant colours and the gasps from the crowds, which is why Bonfire Night is such a big deal and a staple on our wintertime calendars. We also know it can be a bit of a bugger, trying to find the best and brilliant displays in your area. Bonfire Night falls on a Tuesday this year so some of the events will have happened over the weekend or will happen between Tuesday 5th November and the following weekend.

Hope you have a great time. Stay warm and stay safe!

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