Importance of Learning Independently
22 October 2021

Importance of Learning Independently

Independent learning involves independent thinking and thinking skills, which form a base for the development of great leadership skills. Harnessing these skills from a fairly young age can help children make good sense of the world they live in, from observations while making well-informed decisions.

When children think creatively, their curiosity leads to much more meaningful discoveries than just being given the answer to something. The mistakes they make through their own learning will help them gain confidence which in turn, will help them build successful futures. That is the richness of research.

Independently learning shows a child HOW to learn, rather than being handed the information.  They also get to understand the whole process rather than just the goal or end outcome.

The process of learning is just as equally weighted as reaching the final goal. The level of self-confidence developed through independent learning activities for kids often creates a great sense of satisfaction from within. This makes them more aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

This manifests itself in a different way in older children. They learn the importance of responsibility. They begin to understand that getting something wrong is ok as they can learn from it. Through independent learning, older children learn to solve problems through the use of their own ideas and thoughts, instead of relying on others.

An example of a situation in which they could implement this would be to allow them to work on their own problems with homework or schoolwork. Nothing stops you from hovering to support your child, and help them if they are really struggling.

This produces a great sense of pride once a task has been achieved through their own efforts. 

We aim to develop in children curiosity and courage to find/discover information for themselves, instead of 'spoon-feeding'. This promotes independent learners who can go on to be leaders. Our tuition centres in North London, South London, and Kent use only research-based fun but effective teaching techniques. Teaching is REAL and LIVE. 

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