How to Decide if a Tutor is Right for Your Child
22 October 2017

How to Decide if a Tutor is Right for Your Child

The Power of One to One

We just recently posted a question about tutoring vs Saturday school on Facebook, the response toward tutoring was positive.  Rightly so, tutoring can provide individual support either for:

  • Children with specific learning needs
  • Children having particular difficulty with a topic and therefore as a short term measure
  • Children who are reluctant to share in a group setting
  • Children who are particularly gifted and need extra stimulation
  • Children preparing for specialist written exams

Tutoring can also be ideal when:

  • Saturday school is not available locally
  • Parents’ are unable to take their child to Saturday school (with time or other practical constraints)
Are there other factors that parents/carers need to take into account?

The standards and scruples of tutors working individually with a child are not as easy to monitor.  The quality of preparation for specialist and entrance exams will depend on the tutors experience and relevant knowledge/skills. If a tutor is working on a self-employed basis and not through an agency, are they CRB checked, what results are they producing and how can you check?

When Saturday School Is the Best Option
  • For long term gains such as consistent academic improvement
  • For children who are shy and need practise improving social and communication skills in a small group setting.
  • For a structured yet friendly and less formal learning environment
  • For a fertile and creative academic environment
  • Saturday schools will have a wider range of academically specific materials/resources generally and to guide pupils’/parents’ preparation for entrance exams
  • Saturday school will have more experience and current data of exam entrance criteria due to their larger client base.
  • If a tutor leaves for any reason, the school will find a replacement so the pupil and parent are not left unsupported and having to find another tutor from scratch.
  • Tutors will be CRB checked
What are the arguments against Saturday school? 

Some practising faith groups e.g. Jewish Orthodox would not be able to attend as it is their Sabbath. Some argue that this should be the time that children do school homework, chores or leisure activities.

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