Has time timed you out?
22 December 2019

Has time timed you out?

The biggest challenge as a busy parent could be finding the time to spend doing the things that matter with your child.  This might be because you have a 9-5 job; you are out of the house very early and get back quite late. You might be at home but get so caught up with other duties that even though your child is quite close by, he/she is still far.

The weekend comes and you just want to rest but you have to factor your child in. How do you juggle all of this, you ask yourself?

Have a Plan

Well, the simple answer would be to create a schedule and follow it regimentally. But in doing so, you have to continually remind yourself that you aren’t running a boot camp, even though it might seem so at times!

Your schedule would have to consist of tasks that can be done at specific times of the day to help make things easier when the actual time for them comes, for example, making sure the school bags are packed with the right items for the following day. This could be done the night before or in the morning before the ‘troop’ awakens.

Turn in on time

We’ve all heard of the saying: Early to bed, early to rise….? Well, this would very applicable in this case as once you’ve risen early, you’ll be able to accomplish a few things before the kids wake up. In the same vein, once the kids have been put to bed, you’d be able to wrap up (check uniforms, school items, ironing, signing letters etc) before drawing the curtains on the day for yourself.


Even though for some reason, kids seem to think that parents are beings with superpowers, it’s ok to not have to live up to that all the time. It can get very overwhelming doing all the jobs alone, so feel free to rope others in to help out. If there’s a partner in the picture, split the chores. Have the kids do their share as well and don't beat yourself up if you don’t get round to everything. Pick and choose the most important and urgent ones, and the others can wait until later.

Engage a nanny

Again, if the schedule is still too hectic, don’t feel too bad about engaging the services of a nanny. Some parents might view this as a sign of defeat, but what would you rather have:

  • a household so well managed by down-and-out exhausted parents, who would have nothing left to offer the kids because they are so exhausted with work plus household duties
  • a household in chaos because the parents don't have time to manage it due to work and other duties
  • a household with most of the situation in hand, with a nanny onboard and parents with most of their hair still intact!

I think we all know which scenario seems the most appealing, so don’t feel guilty. Take your time, ask around and seek out the most suited help you can find. As you do so, ask yourself certain questions: what is it exactly, that the help would be doing for you?

  • would they be responsible for just the household chores?
  • would they have to know how to drive so they can help with the drop-off and pick up?
  • would they have to be knowledgeable enough to go shopping and make light meals?
  • would they need to be even more knowledgeable in order to know how to help with the kids’ homework?
  • Do they need to be full/part-time?

Make a list of requirements before embarking on this quest for a ‘help’ and remember, you can have one whether you are in the home, or work at or away from home.

Time for self

In all of this, don’t forget to make time for yourself. You deserve it – in fact, you all deserve it, so make it as quality as you can. This might be stretching out in front of the telly to binge on your favourite series, or in bed catching up with your favourite books that you bought ages ago and are still trying to get through. It may be some time with a friend, or your partner – or with the family. Whatever works – go for it!

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