Halloween Craft Ideas for the family
28 October 2018

Halloween Craft Ideas for the family

With Halloween just around the corner, There is no better way to get into the Halloween spirit but to do some fun Halloweeny crafts with the kids.  We have put together some of the best Ideas for you and your kids to try out this season.

Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Of course, our favourite autumn veggie has to be top of the list when it comes to craft activities for kids over the Halloween period. They can be cut into, to form pumpkin faces,  lanterns or not cut into at all and just decorated to look just as cute.

Spider Craft

How about the spindly spider, that ties in so well with the spirit of the Halloween season? So many different ideas come to mind when thinking of craft ideas involving the scary insect: paper plate moving spiders, foam ball spiders, craft stick spider webs, climbing spiders, spider handprint, cobwebs from cotton wool and so many more ideas.


How about Mummies…? And I don’t mean your parent! Think ancient – yes- Egyptian mummies; you know, wrapped up and all scary looking? Well, you can replicate those, using different types of materials – and on a smaller scale: cardboard tube mummies, gauze paper roll mummies. Make them as scary or as cute as you want them to be; get creative with colours and create your own version of mummies.


Now, surely you didn’t think we’d forget about the witches on this list? After all, what would Halloween be without the witches? But in the same vein, because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean the witches have to be mean-looking (see what we did there…lol). You could make yours quite friendly, funky, groovy, motherly….the sky is literally the limit when it comes to creating your witch. You could go for the paper plate witch; creating just her face, hair and hat or you could do a complete witch from paper or stuffed material. Don’t forget her broomstick.


Yes, what better way to create the atmosphere than to have a couple of ghosts on patrol. But again, yours don’t have to be scary – they can be fun –looking. You can have ghosts made from cotton wool stuck on some decorated paper. Don’t forget to give it a friendly face, with a big smile, you can create your ghost by covering a ping pong ball with some white cloth then tying just beneath the ball so it looks like a head while the rest of the material dangles like the body. Don’t forget to decorate the material and paint on the face.

Halloween tree

Sounds funny does it…? Well not too much pomp to this one as it should be made of mainly branches and twigs, with cotton wool spread around it, to look like cobwebs, have a few bats hanging upside down and some mini pumpkins with cut out faces and possibly some tee lights in them. Don’t forget to hang some of your mini ghosts as well – complete the spooky atmosphere. And you will (of course) have your Halloween costumes on.

Black cat

Thought we’d left the witch’s cat out of the party eh…? Well no – we just saved it for last. The paper plate works well for this. Paint it black then cut out a crescent shape (make it as big/small as you want) which will form the cat’s body. Use part of the discarded part of the plate to form the cat’s tail and head. You would need to cut them into the correct shapes. Don’t forget to paint on some eyes and cut out some whiskers for your cat.

So there you have it. Some great ideas for you and your kids to get stuck into this Halloween season. Hope you have fun doing them and let us know how it goes. Pop a comment on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LeadersAreReadersEducation/

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