Configuring the parent community at school
26 June 2020

Configuring the parent community at school

Our main concern is for the benefit and welfare of our children in whichever environment they are placed. This becomes even more of a priority at school. This will be one of the main reasons why we take so much care in choosing the school environment we feel will best suit our child; be it for academic, social, religious, ethos, proximity, etc reasons, we just want a place where we feel will give our child the best opportunity to thrive, progress and possibly excel.

There will also be other parents that signed their child up in the same school for similar reasons. This should ultimately mean that in order to get the best out of the school in question, parents will need to come together to help strengthen these core benefits of the school.  

There is a saying that goes: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. This should ideally become the practice in such an environment - the parents and the school working together to ensure the children get the best out of the situation.

The school will definitely do what it needs to do to reach the set targets and goals. Extra resources in such cases will be made available and new options and choices are provided to its students and parents.

It would also be worth checking in with your school officials to find out if your child is eligible for these and other services.

As already stated, in order to maintain the standards in general and to see that every child reaps the benefits, there are a number of things a parent can do on the homefront - enforcing attendance, supervising homework, setting academic goals, and monitoring progress levels to name a few.

These measures will go a long way in helping to reduce the likelihood of a child being left behind in school.

In addition to the homefront initiatives, steps that parents can take to help their child's school succeed include:


* Attending parent-teacher meetings to look into academic or discipline problems.


* Taking part in school board meetings.


* Volunteering to serve during school hours or in extracurricular activities.


* Encouraging other parents to become involved.


* Taking advantage of community or private-sector resources.


* Researching more into the concept of leaving no child behind in order to find more ways to facilitate this.


Charity, they say…. begins at home. But it should not end there. If we all start from home by instilling the basics in our children, we can then follow on from there by doing our bit in their respective schools. This in turn will bring about the outcome we desire and uphold the values, principles, factors, etc that drew us to these schools in the first place.

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