6 ways that you can begin promoting a positive mindset in your child today.
18 June 2021

6 ways that you can begin promoting a positive mindset in your child today.

How many times have we heard the following statements:

It’s too long!

I can’t do it”

I’ll never be able to do it”

It’s too hard!”

And the list goes on…

They may come across as acts of defiance (which in some cases they may well be!) but sometimes, there may be a bit more to these acts than meets the eye.

If we don’t feel comfortable about/with anything, our next line of action would generally be to find an exit strategy. Now, as adults, we can think of other ways to execute this without being so blunt, but children do not have such filters in place just yet.

Again, these may just be acts of defiance, but there could also be a message in there that we could be missing because we feel they are ‘trying it on’ …...again.

Children will often need to be given some guidance when it comes to being positive. This can be done by showing them and having conversations with them. This in turn will increase their confidence and set them on the right path to further developing their intelligence.

We have listed a few tips below to help you kick start your endeavours in that direction:

- Nurture a ‘can-do attitude. Instead of them saying “It’s no use, I can’t”…..say, “It might be tricky, encourage them to say, “I will try and give it my best.”

- Create a positive and happy environment at home; a fun and safe place. A happy person has a completely different demeanour, which makes you feel and do better.

- Teach them to see the positives - be that in people or situations. Help them understand that the choice is theirs as to how they decide to feel in any situation. Teach them to always choose to be positive.

- Show empathy. Do not patronise your child. Have actual conversations about the situation in question. It may not be a big deal to you, but it certainly might be to your child. Parents often feel there is no point in having a conversation with a child, but you would be surprised at how much you can learn - when you listen and engage with them. Healthy discussions are great for their development – no matter their age.

- Never pass up a moment to help your child recognise their strengths – to see how unique and special they are. They will need this confidence boost as they get older and become more aware (and possibly more critical) of themselves.

- Be a good role model. We left this one for last because it goes without saying; charity begins at home. Set the right examples and your child will pick them up. Be that positive influence in your child’s life.


Children will face a number of challenges as they develop. This may range from anxiety to confusion, but if they have that strong and resilient positive mindset instilled in them, they will be armed to a certain degree, to combat these situations.

A positive mindset will also encourage them to continue to seek out positivity as they grow, and guide them down the path of success.

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