6 Vital Factors for Planning Success
03 June 2017

6 Vital Factors for Planning Success

The quote, ‘Plan your work…then work your plan’ by Margaret Thatcher is a well-used strategy and  sentiment that's shared by many. Effective planning involves other key factors that lead to success. If taught to your children, it can become second nature for them; giving them a systematic approach to their success.  Find out the 6 Vital Factors for Planning Success.

1. Intention

We must have a clear idea of what we want in order to be successful. This may seem obvious, but it’s more likely (in most cases), that we have a general or vague idea of what we want. A really great way to check how clear we are about what we really want is to try and put into a few words what it is that we really want! It can be surprising and a challenge at first, but it is a very good practise and worth doing.

2. Motive

This is closely linked to intention and is really asking us to clarify why we want what we want.  This is important because if the desire for our goal is not so strong – the commitment to it (in the face of any obstacles) is more likely to make us give up. So, on a scale of 1-10, ask yourself how important the ‘project’ or goal is to you.  If it’s less than 7 or 8 you may need to find a stronger and more compelling reason for doing it, which means genuinely increasing your passion/desire for a successful outcome.

3. Picture

Visualise what it looks like to realise this goal, otherwise how will you know when it’s done? Some goals are easier to determine an end or conclusion than others. The power of visualisation is much talked about these days with lots of websites offering 'how to' coaching, (so no need to reinvent the wheel here)! 

4. Attributes

Identify what skills or qualities are needed to accomplish this goal, and if you don’t have them all personally, it may mean finding an ally or friend that has and is willing to support you. In addition, ask yourself what information you need: as an example, finding exercise classes or healthier recipes may be the information you need, (if losing weight is your goal).

5. Chart

Plan your action steps in order of priority.  The order may not always follow in chronological sequence, it may depend on the goal (and if others are involved; as they may have time constraints or other commitments to juggle).

6. Tools

Before starting your goal you will need to know what tools you need for the job, you may need particular equipment and materials and the costs or how to get them will also need to be factored in.

When all these ingredients are considered and applied, they will help you make a successful impact.

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