6 effective tips to aid your child's listening skills
18 October 2019

6 effective tips to aid your child's listening skills

In order to properly comprehend, one should be able to:

  • Absorb the given information
  • Respond to the instructions that are given
  • Feedback and share their thoughts, ideas and opinions

Generally speaking, in order to comprehend well, one should be able to understand and engage with the given content in a very relatable way. Proper comprehending skills will enable your child to understand the given text and be able to have a discussion about it and relay it back in a way that shows complete understanding.

As parents, we should instill the skill of good listening in our child as this will enable them become great communicators later on in life. We are not always born with this skill so practice will make them perfect.

Here are some handy tips to help boost your child’s comprehension skills at home:

Full focus

When you look at someone while they are speaking, you tend to focus more. This something that you should encourage your child to do. Have them look at you when they listen. This will get your child into the habit of fully focused and giving their full attention to what is being said.


When issuing instructions at home, ask your child to repeat them back to you, to ensure he/she has heard correctly. This can also be done in the form of a game.

 Read stories together 

Have your child predict what will happen next or why they think an event took place; what they would have done if they were the character etc. Take it in turns so you can guide your child in areas where you feel he/she needs assistance. Form a discussion and get your child to relay back certain parts of the story in their own words.  

Play games

Playing games like Simon Says are a great way to help your child build listening skills in a fun and rewarding way. Feel free to improvise and make up your own listening games at home. For example, start by giving them one verbal instruction, progress to two-part verbal instructions, then gradually progress to three-part, four-part, and so on. The ‘Story Chain’ is also a very helpful way to aid listening skills in your child. This game can be played with family or friends. It is also quite simple as all they have to do is carry on developing a story that has been started by one person. The story can be as funny or as silly as they all make it – shouldn’t be a problem!

Audio Stories

Audio stories are also a great way to improve your child’s listening skills. Listen to the story together as a family then discuss it afterwards.

Be a good listener. 

Try not to interrupt your child when they are talking. Let them that you’re listening to what they have to say. Positive indicators like nodding, smiling, saying supporting words, as well as following up with questions or elaborating on what they have said to show interest, are always a good way of showing you are listening.

Always look for activities that are fun and engaging and be as patient and supportive as you can.


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