When Parents Can't Get Children to One of Our Centres...
31 July 2017

When Parents Can't Get Children to One of Our Centres...

We understand that not everyone can get to our centres, yet still want to provide their children with additional support resources and materials. We have some course materials that are available for sale if parents live too far to travel to one of our 3 centres in and around North London. Or if our scheduled times don't allow for your child to enrol with us: these materials do require parent input to support your child.

Those programmes that require experienced tutors to facilitate the pupil’s learning are not considered appropriate materials for sale and these are only taught at our centres and through one-to-one tuition, by tutors that have been specifically trained by us.

Some parents have been able to enrol their child for our holiday Summer School and Winter School programmes but are unable (due to various circumstances), to bring them along every Saturday and have found in such cases that purchasing our course materials is of much benefit.

The materials relate to each school term and are sold as a package on a termly basis.  Purchase is by collection from the most convenient centre for parents.  This establishes a link between parent and centre, which can then also provide further guidance for parents in the use of our materials, if needed.  Course materials incorporate research-based methodology for excellent and proven results.

Which Materials are Available for Sale?

  • A package of colourful, easy to use 4+ and 5+ Maths booklets are available, consisting of a terms work.
  • 5+ Language Sense booklets for English covering writing; comprehension; punctuation and grammar which can also be purchased.
  • 7+ Maths booklets are available on a termly basis.
  • 11+ revision papers for maths can be bought which include non-verbal reasoning questions
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