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Feedback from Parents

David was successful at the exam and was shortlisted for interview. I was delighted to say the least!! OJ very kindly did a mock interview with him. I want to thank you for all your help, support and for the invaluable advice. I really appreciate all that you did for my son. (With love from myself and David)

Letters arrived this morning - all good.  Offers to all 3 schools.  We are over the moon!  Thank you so much. (With love from myself and David)

I enrolled my daughter originally on the reading course as soon as she turned 5 yrs old. Simply put, the improvement to her reading ability was evident within the first 2 weeks. The sudden change in her reading attitude was positively recognised by her classrom teacher at her full time school. Her achievements are a direct result of the dedication and commitment given by the teachers and personnel at Leaders are Readers. This course has instilled a level of confidence in my daughter and a passion for her wanting to read everything in sight! (Audrey of Enfield)

The Entrance Maths Programme has plugged in all gaps in my daughter's knowledge. Joanne is now on track to succeed in all her 11+ exams and take higher level Maths at 16!(Joseph, Winchmore Hill)

My 6-year old son can write an argument, a report or a letter at a moment's notice! Thank God for the Language Sense Programme - he is confident and handles all literacy work meant for 9-year olds with ease. (Daphne, Hadley Wood)

I found Leaders are Readers an easy scheme to follow as parents are involved right from the beginning and it was really great having access to the tutors in the evening especially for working parents. It's something I always recommend to friends as I've seen the benefits in my own children. They're always happy to spend time reading on their own while I do my chores and most important of all they love to read.(Nki, Edgware)

We have found that leaders are readers to be a real gem in the world of education. It has opened doors otherwise not accessible in terms of its excellent deliverence of the three Rs. Its structured programme delivers exactly what it promises and beyond. 1) I found it enhances a child's natural ability to learn. 2) It has created a keenness to follow through what has been taught in class. 3) I have found amazing rapid progress with the programmes. 4) With Leaders are Readers seeing the results that the children achieve is astonishing. 5) There are no barriers to learning , each child is treated as an individual. (Jacintha, Enfield)

Since my daughter started Leaders are Readers her reading age went from age 5 to age 7. Reading has opened up a whole new world for her. She hardly goes anywhere without a book to read! Her spelling is great and her vocabulary is expansive. This is in no small part down to Leaders are Readers.

I also enrolled her on the Einstein Maths course and her maths has improved dramatically. Her maths has just gone from strength to strength. The maths course has helped enhance her understanding of key mathematical principles and instilled in her a quiet confidence in her own abilities. We are delighted with Leaders are Readers and would recommend them to anyone. (Liz, Barnet)

My son, Timi, has attended the Leaders are Readers programme for three terms, and the effect on him has been quite dramatic. He is now the best reader in his Reception class, and has developed more confidence and self-assurance. His teacher tells me that she has been teaching for 20-odd years, and has never seen a child take to reading so fast! I am grateful to the developer of this programme, and to Timi's teacher, Evie, for making him love books so early in his life. His handwriting has improved, and this reading ability (and ease) has impacted on his interest in other subjects at school and at home. I definitely believe that investing in the Leaders are Readers programme is one of the very best gifts that anybody can give to their child, and I intend to enrol my two younger children when the time comes. The old saying goes: 'Give a child a book, and you give him a gift for a day. Teach that child to read and you give him a gift for life.' Thank you, Leaders are Readers, for the lifetime gift you have given to Timi!  (Alero, Northwood)

My daughter joined the Reading Programme at 'Leaders are Readers' in January 2006 just when she started main stream school at the age of 4 and a half. She could only just manage to read and write her own name. When she finished the course at 'Leaders are Readers' over 3 terms, she had a reading age of 7 and a half. She could read fluently, could write sentences and her ability to spell some very complex words for her age far out weighed any of my expectations. In fact these additional achievements in being able to spell and write well seemed to be a natural by-product of the course. To this day she is confident and is thriving in school because she has been taught at a very early age the essential building blocks which are absolutely necessary for further educational achievements. If you are thinking about joining the course for a child, think no more... the earlier they start, the better, you will not be disappointed... GUARANTEED! (Debbie, from Barnet)

I enrolled my daughter on the Language Sense Programme and it had a phenomenal effect on the quality of her work. This was evident as she gained admission into the 5 different selective schools she applied to. At the same time I enrolled my younger son on the Reading Programme and he has grown from strength to strength and he is now consistently top of his class. We are very pleased with Leaders are Readers and believe that without a doubt they contributed to the confident, creative, enthusiastic learners our children have become and would recommend them to any one. (Chitra, Grange Park)

I enrolled both my daughters in the Reading Programme from age 3½ and the impact has been tremendous. The systematic and fun way of teaching has given them a firm foundation in reading and has resulted in them increasing their reading ages by 3 years. Both the girls are now strong, confident readers and their vocabulary has improved significantly. The Language Sense Programme is stimulating and helps with all aspects of literacy.
I can recommend these programmes without hesitation. Leaders are Readers is a great investment in your child's future. (Dr Rhonda, Enfield)