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Leaders are Readers' Children's Writing Competition

Winning Stories from Leaders are Readers' Kindle Writing Competition

Reading can be a wonderful way to relax or provide a welcome retreat from the cares of the day and, of course, is a way to acquire knowledge. Leaders are Readers gave away two Kindle Fire HD prizes to winners of the writing competition published in September’s issue of Families (North-West London) magazine. Competition entrants between ages 5-11 were given opening lines in two age categories and had to write a story according to their age group. Ben is 8 and won the older child category (of 8-10 years old). Tanvi is 6 and won in the 5-7 age group. Ben’s story took a simple, everyday experience and brought it to life in a fresh and delightful way. Tanvi’s story was grounded and magical at the same time. Their language was full of energy and emotion.  The stories are reproduced below as submitted to us, including their own spelling and punctuation. 

The winners were presented their prizes at the Leaders are Readers Saturday School, Edgware centre, by centre manager Suzanne Edwards. See both winners having received their prizes from Suzanne, in the photographs below.  Our other centres including Northwood in Hillingdon and Winchmore Hill in Enfield, also kindly donated towards the prizes.

About Ben

Ben’s mum told us at the presentation that Ben has a learning disability.  He has a chromosome abnormality, and he is on School Action Plus at his school. Mum added, “He has only just about started reading in the past year.”  Ben said, “The story took a long time and [I] wrote it mostly over the half-term holidays – a bit at a time!” When asked if he got anything else from entering the competition, Ben said he had never entered a competition before but now he’s rehearsing for a choir competition.

Ben’s Winning Entry

The front door flung open, followed by a blunt... 

pair of scissors and my little sister Chloe shouting loudly, ‘I can’t cut the flowers with these silly scissors’ I started laughing at her and my mummy got cross with me!  Chloe just shouted louder she is good at shouting. The scissors were blue and came in my Doctors set, they don’t even cut paper very well.‘I just wanted to get some flowers for mummy’ said Chloe. ‘You need the special scissors Mummy keeps in the shed’ I said, ‘Let’s go and find them!’ Mummy unlocked the back door and we all went into the garden. Jack he is my cat came too! He likes to play in the grass. While Mummy got her special scissors I jumped on my trampoline. Mummy helped Chloe cut some roses in the garden. I don’t like roses as they have sharp bits that hurt me. Then all of a sudden there was a really loud bit of thunder in the sky and great big rain drops fell on us! We all rushed inside but we were all wet. We changed into our cosy onsies and Mummy made us yummy hot chocolate. Then Chloe started to cry, ‘The flowers we cut are still in the garden’ but the rain was still pouring down. So we drew some flowers and coloured them in, then we cut the flowers out with the blue scissors and stuck them on the wall for Mummy!

Tanvi’s Winning Entry

 "No, no more carrots for me!" I heard my pet rabbit say...

and the little girl named rosie said to her rabbit  "let's go out  to play " and her rabbit said yes "let's run and hop". Suddenly rosie's mum said time for tea she said I am sleepy and the rabbit said I want to play outside. Rosie fell asleep outside and when she woke up she said,"where am I"! she was so scared.. When she couldn't see her rabbit she was sad and she sat in her room then she heard a knock on her window it was her pet rabbit. Rosie said "rabbit rabbit I missed you so much " and she gave her a big hug. And she was so so happy and rabbit said "lets play outside ", Rosie said that is a good idea but first lets have some tea and you can have your carrots as you should be hungry after all that hoping... 

More From Tanvi

We asked Tanvi, following the opening line that was given, what gave her the idea for the rest of the story. She said, “Things I remember from the many books I read... Also, the television programme where the rabbit could not walk too far.” 

Tanvi said that since the competition, she’s written a poem in school which also won a prize. Now, the poem, called “The Puppy”, is published in a book and displayed in the British Library.

Be Inspired!

These children are very inspiring.  It’s great to see children taking a chance and expressing themselves. We also appreciate and congratulate ALL the other entrants who took part. The important thing is to keep having a go and not be put off that you didn’t get a prize – the taking part is equally valuable. You are all winners for having a go.

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