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Do you have the advantages of living in a neighbourhood with good schools and highly engaged parents?  Research shows that there’s a direct correlation between academic success and those children who live in more affluent areas: the average ability is higher than averages in more deprived areas. For those children who do enjoy the benefits of the best schools, competition is fierce and can affect self-worth: getting noticed can create stress. The pressures and challenges for the rich and the poor kids are different. However, our courses and services cater for all, below are 13 irrefutable facts that highlight how we make a difference...

  1. Our Saturday Schools help to bridge the gap between the education and self-development that good schools offer compared to the rest.
  2. Children enjoy an experience more akin to private school.
  3. Our class numbers are small, allowing each child more personal attention.
  4. We focus on pupil’s specific strengths and identify their needs, to help them fulfil their potential.
  5. The culture of our schools offer a healthy learning environment which can be felt as a palpable and visible reality. Like-minded parents who share a commitment for their children to thrive generate a positive learning attitude in their children, which further strengthens our exemplary educational settings.
  6. Our courses can be attended in short two or four hour chunks with lots of breaks in between, to maximise our pupil’s capacity to learn/focus. 
  7. Our flexible programmes empower gifted students to develop their skills and talents as they are given an outlet to learn topics more advanced than their school years.
  8. We also provide extra benefits including free on-line maths support that is available 24/7. Some of our English classes include free extra workshop-style opportunities to develop their communication, self-expression and confidence.
  9. Regular parent-tutor consultations establish great parent-school partnerships: keeping our parents informed and enabling them to play a very hands-on-role in their child’s education whilst with us
  10. Quality is what distinguishes a good school and engaged parents. We offer quality face-to-face tutoring and quality resources.
  11. We mitigate the adverse effects of the post code lottery: as parents are not bound by ‘catchment areas’ when deciding to send their child to our supplementary schools.
  12. There’s no waiting list for our expert help, as is the case with the best tutors, private and independent schools.
  13.  We provide lots of opportunity to practise and develop key study skills such as exam preparation and techniques; independent learning through carefully prepared homework assignments and self-regulation, (motivating themselves to stay on task until it is completed).


Call us on 01992 651 300 for further information or to book a trial lesson for our next Open Day, or use the online booking form.   You can secure your child's place straight away by completing the enrolment form online. 

Updated: 17/07/14

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