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Is Summer School Right for Your Child?

To find an answer to that question, it is a good idea to consider just what is the purpose of the summer school and decide whether or not that purpose suits your child's particular needs.  

Some of the purposes of summer school are listed below.  Will your child's needs be met there? 

Revise the Previous Year's Work

 An opportunity for:

  • children who have missed out on school, perhaps due to illness, travel, or family break-up
  • children coming in from abroad to start school in Britain  
  • children living abroad who want to cover topics emphasized in a UK curriculum which are not so emphasized in their country’s curriculum
  • children whose performance in the previous academic year did not meet the standardsexpected
  • children whose school was not performing well and parents want to ensure that gaps in their child’s education can be filled
  • children who want a more thorough grounding in essential topics before starting a new academic year

Learn the Coming Year's Work

An opportunity for:

  • children to enjoy the challenge of learning new topics
  • children to gain an understanding of tough topics ahead of their introduction in their regular school
  • children to access the resources to enable them pull ahead in the coming academic year

Prepare for Entrance Exams

An opportunity for:

  • exam candidates to thoroughly cover all topics for 11+, 7+ and 5+ assessments
  • 4+ assessment candidates to learn to read
  • learn alongside others who are aiming for the ‘premier league’ of schools
  • 11+ grammar school candidates to prepare in time for the new, early September exam dates
  • candidates to access a bundle of revision resources for use following summer school

Call us on 01992 651 300 for further information about the Leaders are Readers Summer School or to book a trial lesson for our next Open Day, or use the online booking form.   You can secure your child's place straight away by completing the enrolment form online.  If you pay early, you are entitled to early-bird discounts.

Updated: 09/05/12

Summer School

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Previous comments

Comment by: Matheus

submitted on: 11/07/12

It depends on the schools and on the kids, and I would go and interview and observe any schools you are considering. My eldest would had some early learning issues which might have benefited from being homeschooled, except that she was compulsively social and would have absolutely hated not having kids around most of the day. I ended up doing a lot of tutoring until she was up to par, but kept her in formal school systems. As to the public private thing, I have tried both public and private scohlos. In some places the public scohlos were better than the private ones; in others it was the reverse. I am myself Catholic and I tithe, so that the local Catholic school system is free to me, but there was a time when I sent one kid to the Catholic school, and the other to nonreligious private school. (The local public scohlos at that time and place were bad in all respects.) The secular private school was more academically challenging but had a problem with discipline. My risk taker therefore got sent to the Catholic school, my cautious kid to the other.

Comment by: Ronald

submitted on: 27/09/12

I came to UK from Asia and enrolled my child in a summer school. I wanted him to be able to pick up the curriculum fast when he starts normal school. The idea has paid well. My son has picked up the concepts well and I am sure that he will not face any problem when he joins normal school this September.

Comment by: Patric

submitted on: 29/09/12

Often children cannot pick up topics at regular schools. Either the topic is hard or they do not take interest. In such cases a summer school can help the child to explore the topic on his own and develop his ideas. He can learn at his own pace.