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What Could Children Possibly Gain from Saturday School?

It may sound like a punishment for your young elementary age children – and they may protest it until they are blue in the face – but Saturday school may not be the drag that they are anticipating. While some may criticize Saturday school for being an ineffective overload, many others look to this resource as a way to keep their child sharp, to supplement their education and to further time spent under instruction.

Multiply your child’s educational opportunities

Saturday schools help to further the study that longer school weeks improve academic performance. If your children are attending school six days a week, they are multiplying their educational opportunities by as much as 15%.  While the schools of many Asian countries are flourishing with high marks and educational standards, they are doing so partly because of the Saturday school classes that are mandatory at many schools in that region.

Empower the gifted or the struggling child

The Saturday school can empower gifted students to develop their skills and talents as they now have an outlet to learn topics more advanced than their school years. The student regarded as ‘average’ at school quickly flourishes in small classes with specialized methods which help to uncover his hidden strengths. Those with learning difficulties are exposed to a new learning environment where research-based teaching strategies create additional opportunities for them to learn.

Extra learning opportunities

When your child is attending Saturday school classes, they are able to take the time to learn things that are getting too complicated during the week. They will be learning core content information that is omitted Monday through Friday. Not only will your children benefit, but as a parent you will be able to feel good about their increased education.

At Leaders are Readers, with the advents in technology, children are able to carry on learning between Saturday lessons in a way that is both modern and accessible to them through worksheets and through the online courses provided free of charge.  They are enjoying extra classes 24/7 on the computer that can be fun with a high degree of individual learning.

Social interaction

Saturday school can also provide social and interactive opportunities for children. The bonds made at Saturday school can be closer and tighter than the ones formed at a normal weekday school, and these bonds can influence your children to leave behind their video games, televisions and computers.

Just that bit more thorough

A teacher or tutor who teaches on a Saturday loves to teach!  They get satisfaction out of teaching these Saturday classes.  There are a few reasons for this. 

Saturday school is often calmer than the grind of a Monday through Friday week, and it is much less formal. Teachers will be able to deal with the children as friends.  Teaching tends to be strategic and thorough, because teachers are mindful that, unlike regular schools, they will not see the students every day.   

Some similarities with independent schools

With few students per class – 12 or fewer – each student is able to enjoy individual attention. This means that stronger students have the ability to excel beyond their limitations, and even study higher levels. Weaker students, on the other hand, get a chance to focus on the subjects that they may have been experiencing trouble with. These subjects include mathematical computation, punctuation, vocabulary, comprehension skills, mental math, algebra and creative writing.    At the Leaders are Readers supplementary school, children enjoy an experience much like a private school might offer.

A chance to achieve

Saturday school can often be attended in short two or four hour chunks.  In these classes, students will exceed beyond their Monday through Friday classes, and will have a chance to focus on the core and foundational subjects that are involved.

These opportunities can change the way that your child approaches their education.  While a small percentage of children in the UK are taking advantage of Saturday school opportunities, it does remain a viable option for children around the world where academic achievement is outperforming the UK.

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Updated: 02/06/11

Saturday School

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Comment by: Jean

submitted on: 27/09/12

Saturday schools are beneficial for all students. Gifted students can sharpen their skill and move ahead of their batch mates. A Saturday school can build the foundation of a strong academic career.